Gerold Genßler strings

The Genßler Sonores 2016 was put on my five string Roth bass during 2016

and the result is really amazing.

Fantastic sounding and great respons under the bow.

The Sonores 2016 have flatwound metal wrapping with gut core, my set

was black when delivered, which suprised me, but it looks very good.

As I know, the set is meant for orchestral use, but I really like to

play jazz pizz on them because of the long sustain and nice growl.

In short, a really versatile and fantastic sounding string!
I have during 2015 put The Genßler WRAPs on my theatre/jazz double bass which was

good sounding even before.

But when the new WRAPs came on the bass was opening up more with a wider spectrum.

Very enjoyable instrument now, before I just used it because of endurance during tours and a great amplified sound.

But now the sound is great acoustically both bowed and plucked.
The WRAPs are pure gut on G and D,

A and E are gut core with flatwound metal.


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