October and November

A real intensive period is starting..

Rehearsals and consert with Orient Squeezers

Recording of Peter Jonson’s (not related) cd

Concerts with Royal Academic Orchestra in Uppsala,Stockholm/Sweden and Osaka, Kyoto/ Japan
playing Verdi’s Requiem.

Opera concerts in Eskilstuna and Berwaldhallen/Stockholm with Eskilstuna Symphony Orchestra and Choir.

Concert with Uppsala Blåsorkester.

Release concert with Beat Funktion, releasing third cd ”Vodooland” in Europe and US.
Released in Japan 3rd of april.

Rehearsals and performances
with ”Har Hjärtat Slutat Slå?” (Has The Heart Stopped Beating?)
an engaging performance with music of Helena Andersson Bromander.

17 gig tour with Scenkonst Sörmland.

Restart of recording of Zappa music with Omnibus Wind Ensemble on Opus3.

This will be happening during october and november.


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